Healthy and Nutritional

Our Yoghurt range is not only delicious but also healthy.  Our ingredients are all natural without artificial colours or preservatives, we use real fruit offering a great range of gourmet flavours and  gluten free.

Fruit, Fruit, Real Fruit

We guarantee that our yoghurt has real fruit in it and we are not just talking about a percentage of fruit , we are stating 100% fruit, no flavouring, no artificial colouring or additives whatsoever, we simply produce the real thing.

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What do we do that is different ?

Whilst we are not trying to reinvent the world, we are just reintroducing the good old fashioned nature into our product, something that has been long forgotten and replaced with additives, colouring and preservatives.

What makes Great Southern Gourmet Yoghurt stand out from the rest ?

We are locally owned and operated family business that is driven by providing outstanding commitment
to quality and service with a friendly local touch. We have a range of gourmet flavours  it’s a natural choice for those who value real food, made the old-fashioned way. Everybody and your body will love… 95% fat free, Gluten free, 
Preservative free, High in Protein, Low GI
100% natural – no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, good source of calcium, Packed with probiotics – acidophilus, bifidus and casei.

I have had the pleasure of tasting this incredible new Yoghurt and must say it is the nicest I have ever tasted, you can really taste the fruit with a creamy layer of yoghurt. Thank you.”


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